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  1. Andréia
    Andréia at | | Reply

    invalid color space error

  2. Rakesh Kumar Meher
    Rakesh Kumar Meher at | | Reply

    I liked this on Facebook still download option is not available…

  3. Muhammad Uzair
    Muhammad Uzair at | | Reply

    I downloaded it form link 2 but thats also kind of corrupted document. 🙁

  4. Muhammad Uzair
    Muhammad Uzair at | | Reply

    Hasnain G, This book (Organic Chemistry by Klein) is inaccessible from the links you provided. If i download it from link 1 it doesn’t show up. The PDF readers (Adobe) states it’s damaged file. Whereas it cannot be saved via link 2 also. Mozilla as well as Chrome prohibits the file from being downloaded…… Please sir fix these problems…..or if its all right from your side…… then send me any other link from where i can download it….. I need this book very urgent………..

  5. Jehan
    Jehan at | | Reply

    Could you please reply with the link here, since the I couldn’t find the link above

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