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  1. zha
    zha at | | Reply

    Download link didn’t work

  2. usman ateeq
    usman ateeq at | | Reply

    this site is very helpful

  3. Fatin Nurhuda Azmi
    Fatin Nurhuda Azmi at | | Reply

    I requested for access in Google Drive..can you approve it?

  4. Kashifffff
    Kashifffff at | | Reply

    Open the link so that I could download it

  5. Justine
    Justine at | | Reply

    Link not visible on mobile device

  6. Sana naz

    i want to download this book

  7. Nasrin Mohd

    Thanks a lot!

  8. saiqa
    saiqa at | | Reply

    Please follow these instructions to download this book https://chemistry.com.pk/download-instructions/

  9. Qasimkhan

    How i can diwnload

  10. Yacine Badjah Hadj Ahmed
    Yacine Badjah Hadj Ahmed at | | Reply

    I would be grateful to get a download link

  11. Manbir
    Manbir at | | Reply

    No download link is there!!!

  12. Jingying Wang
    Jingying Wang at | | Reply

    OMG! It is amazing! I can actually download it!! Thank you so much!!!

  13. shruti
    shruti at | | Reply

    please open the link sothat i could download

  14. Ashwini
    Ashwini at | | Reply

    Plz give the download link

  15. Charnchai Theeratanitsorn
    Charnchai Theeratanitsorn at | | Reply

    Pls. provide download link. Thanks.


    we are unable to login, kindly do the need. Thank you

  17. k.venkat
    k.venkat at | | Reply

    link is not working

  18. zareena786
    zareena786 at | | Reply

    link not reponding…….

  19. Bolaji, Olayiwola Solomon
    Bolaji, Olayiwola Solomon at | | Reply

    link isn’t responding

  20. Peter
    Peter at | | Reply

    Link is not working

  21. mania
    mania at | | Reply

    it is great site

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