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  1. Anne
    Anne at | | Reply

    I don’t know why I can’t download it
    ,even though I did those things which you mentioned.

  2. shadow
    shadow at | | Reply

    none of the links are working

  3. Ty

    Good book

  4. Rachel
    Rachel at | | Reply

    Very useful

    1. Eesha
      Eesha at | | Reply

      Hi Rachel,
      Do you have the pdf of this book? I am unable to download it and would really appreciate it if you could send it to me at [email protected].
      Thank you. 😊

  5. Marivel Tadoy
    Marivel Tadoy at | | Reply

    very nice book

  6. Marive Tadoy
    Marive Tadoy at | | Reply

    nice book

  7. maylyn casinas
    maylyn casinas at | | Reply

    very nice ..and more interisting

  8. Mubanga Sinkolongo
    Mubanga Sinkolongo at | | Reply

    Good book

  9. linie phillips
    linie phillips at | | Reply

    nice books and very useful

  10. Manoj Varma
    Manoj Varma at | | Reply

    good books

  11. Manoj Varma
    Manoj Varma at | | Reply

    Very useful books

    1. linda
      linda at | | Reply

      I am failing to download, may you share principles of instrumental analysis by skoog et al if you have managed to download it

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