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  1. jairo
    jairo at | | Reply

    Thank you

  2. Mourad Abdelmeseh
    Mourad Abdelmeseh at | | Reply

    I hope it is working

  3. Prasansha Paudel
    Prasansha Paudel at | | Reply

    the link is not working

  4. 0000
    0000 at | | Reply

    I hit like but I can’t download it.

  5. Rocio Rosado
    Rocio Rosado at | | Reply

    This book would be a great way to improve my teaching. My students are going to appreciate it.

  6. nnneon
    nnneon at | | Reply

    the links worked perfectly! thank you so much

  7. Tawana
    Tawana at | | Reply

    Thank you so much for your good website.
    I want the chemistry for degree students third year by dr r l madan
    Please put it for download.
    Thank you again

  8. Adu Matthew
    Adu Matthew at | | Reply

    please the download link is working

  9. kathy
    kathy at | | Reply

    link not working

  10. Aini
    Aini at | | Reply

    The file is not available anymore 🙁 can you please fix the link? Thank you

  11. Bob Shah
    Bob Shah at | | Reply

    The file is no longer available on all links. Kindly check. Thanks

  12. Wang Yi Yan
    Wang Yi Yan at | | Reply

    I can’t download from any of download links…. Need Help

  13. Mbali
    Mbali at | | Reply

    The download links are not working

  14. ashely park
    ashely park at | | Reply

    So good

  15. nandhini
    nandhini at | | Reply

    say the instructions clearly about the software (chemdraw and chem3D) download

  16. Sam
    Sam at | | Reply

    it work perfectly for me thanks i had download it from zippyshare

  17. Jim Tumwine
    Jim Tumwine at | | Reply

    thanks so much for the upload. nice book love it

  18. Irena Ban
    Irena Ban at | | Reply

    I am very much interested in this book,.

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