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  1. lateef
    lateef at | | Reply

    Really,awesome book,concepts are explained clearly.I like to thank those people who are running this site for providing us such a valuable knowledge in the form of PDFs..

    ZULQADAR at | | Reply

    Thank you. Your google drive link is okay.

  3. Ishika
    Ishika at | | Reply

    Thnxx a lot

  4. Ritam Baksi
    Ritam Baksi at | | Reply

    Downloading link are not working. Help me plz

  5. Anurag yadav
    Anurag yadav at | | Reply

    Thanks a lot to the members who is operating this and I am very lucky to get this site

  6. Manal A. El-Sheikh
    Manal A. El-Sheikh at | | Reply

    Thank you

  7. Priyanka Kundu
    Priyanka Kundu at | | Reply

    Very much useful?

  8. Ravi kumar
    Ravi kumar at | | Reply

    Try this link…Just hit download

  9. M.asadullah
    M.asadullah at | | Reply


  10. Princy
    Princy at | | Reply

    This book is amazing

  11. kim
    kim at | | Reply


  12. Phan
    Phan at | | Reply

    thanks u very much!

  13. fazal150
    fazal150 at | | Reply

    Thanks sudip ur link has worked brother..

  14. ryan
    ryan at | | Reply

    Thank you very much! This will surely help me in my org chem class

  15. M.Tayyab
    M.Tayyab at | | Reply

    what’s is the problem,why Solomon & Fryhle’s chem book is not downloading

  16. Maria
    Maria at | | Reply

    Hey how much mb the solomon peice is gonna comsume…?

  17. Ahmad Raza
    Ahmad Raza at | | Reply

    solomon download nhi ho rhi

  18. shik
    shik at | | Reply

    is there a link for the solution manual?

  19. Sudip
    Sudip at | | Reply
    1. KB
      KB at | | Reply

      Thank you! Your link worked for the book! Do you also have the solutions manual?

  20. Maira
    Maira at | | Reply

    Hi! The link is not working

  21. sandeep bansal
    sandeep bansal at | | Reply

    Organic chemistry Solomons fryhel download ni ho rhi plz help me mujhe urgent chahiye plzzzżzzzzz……

    1. Sudip
      Sudip at | | Reply

      https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3yBUlQNJt0lT2NCSlBjZ0FRUnc/edit?pli=1 try this link… just hit download after the page is opened….

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