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  1. Trina Das
    Trina Das at | | Reply

    I am Trina. Student of class 12. Please send the to download it. I think it is help full for me.

  2. maher
    maher at | | Reply

    organic chemistry ,solomons,11th edition is a wonderful>please unlock download links>

  3. maher
    maher at | | Reply

    organic chemistry,solomons is wonderful>please unlock download links>

  4. Sakib
    Sakib at | | Reply

    Thank you.

  5. Debango De
    Debango De at | | Reply

    The best
    The links works perfectly all right

  6. Akhil Kumar Rai
    Akhil Kumar Rai at | | Reply

    Oh that’s a great job you pupil have done. I want to thank you from the deapth of heart

  7. lynn
    lynn at | | Reply

    thank you for this wonderful sharing. Knowledge is helping everyone.

  8. Allan George Silvério
    Allan George Silvério at | | Reply

    Hi, i’m looking for volume 2. I can find here?

  9. chelsea crasta
    chelsea crasta at | | Reply

    I can’t see how to download!

  10. Muhammad Noman
    Muhammad Noman at | | Reply

    thanks.i downloaded by FDM easily.

  11. Arun
    Arun at | | Reply

    Guys g+1 seven times but dah…..

  12. Lucas
    Lucas at | | Reply

    Does not work for me. Tryed the google button 3 times.

  13. Prateek Prasad
    Prateek Prasad at | | Reply

    i need the link

  14. lauraavengersullivan
    lauraavengersullivan at | | Reply


  15. prince
    prince at | | Reply

    thanks a lot,dont know why these supid people were not able to download it

  16. Ali Abbass
    Ali Abbass at | | Reply

    please unlock link

  17. Michael
    Michael at | | Reply

    download link is locked, and I’m trying to follow the given instructions to download the book

  18. vishnu arora
    vishnu arora at | | Reply

    I cant download this book pls suggest

  19. Prashant shukla
    Prashant shukla at | | Reply

    Where is the link

  20. hassan
    hassan at | | Reply

    Plz give me the download link

  21. jan
    jan at | | Reply


  22. dodong
    dodong at | | Reply

    i cant open

  23. Angela Peter
    Angela Peter at | | Reply

    I cannot see any link. I am using my laptop.

  24. Muneeb ali
    Muneeb ali at | | Reply

    How to download this book..???

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