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  1. Tira Putri
    Tira Putri at | | Reply

    can i get a copy in pdf for the second download link?

  2. Md SSS
    Md SSS at | | Reply

    “Organic chemistry (9th edition) by John McMurry” – This book is not downloading! How can I download this book??

  3. reit
    reit at | | Reply

    i followed the instructions but it says that the file does not exist. what should i do?

  4. faisal
    faisal at | | Reply

    Sir please give download link

  5. Ramakrishna
    Ramakrishna at | | Reply

    Thanks a lot

  6. Sayantan
    Sayantan at | | Reply

    Cannot do it i posted on facebook liked it as given

  7. Privot Kumar maitra
    Privot Kumar maitra at | | Reply

    Please allow us to download this book.

  8. Aexander
    Aexander at | | Reply

    I really need this book to improve my organic chemistry skill

  9. Helmi
    Helmi at | | Reply

    Thanks alot for ever

  10. Nina Jivavitoonkit
    Nina Jivavitoonkit at | | Reply

    I really need this book to improve my organic chemistry skill

  11. Mohammad Waleed Khan
    Mohammad Waleed Khan at | | Reply

    thank you very much if your website was not available we would have been deprived of learning chemistry

  12. Angel
    Angel at | | Reply

    I’m sorry, I figure it out! You have to click the Download button underneath “Loading Preview…” You have to click the button BEFORE the preview loads up. Otherwise, it will not work! Hope this helps anyone else trying to access this book. 😉

  13. Andrés Felipe Torres
    Andrés Felipe Torres at | | Reply

    Hi, I followed the instructions to get de download link. I published on google+ your webpage and I made click on the book to get the link but it does not appear any download button. Could you tell me what is the solution?

  14. Kim
    Kim at | | Reply

    Please may I have the download link

  15. Sk. Nowser Ali
    Sk. Nowser Ali at | | Reply

    Please let us learn my favorite book by downloading it

  16. jannat
    jannat at | | Reply

    i can’t get the download link….it is lock…please give the download asap…

  17. Mohamed Ayman Alzahaby
    Mohamed Ayman Alzahaby at | | Reply

    Please let us enjoy the book by downloading it

  18. Adam
    Adam at | | Reply

    where are the instructions?

  19. Rufa Smile

    I can’t find the link.

  20. Mustafa Touny
    Mustafa Touny at | | Reply

    First, I thought it’s scam but when I tried it worked like charm.
    Thank you so much, I wish you the best to deliver free high quality resources in Chemistry.

  21. sameer
    sameer at | | Reply

    Sir plz give us a free downloading pdf link

  22. Ars
    Ars at | | Reply

    No downloading

  23. Kaisar
    Kaisar at | | Reply

    Sir please give download link

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