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  1. ambreen
    ambreen at | | Reply

    kindly update your link for download

  2. Muhammad Bilal
    Muhammad Bilal at | | Reply

    Failed to Load PDF file

  3. Muhammad Bilal
    Muhammad Bilal at | | Reply

    Only the third Link is Working
    But I have a question is it legal to download book from here?

  4. sonia yousaf
    sonia yousaf at | | Reply

    not working these links

  5. naga

    how to download book Analytical Chemistry (Sixth Edition) is written by Gary D. Christian, the download link not available

  6. aliya
    aliya at | | Reply

    I really need this book But it can’t be found plz help me

  7. MOhammad yaqoob sarfaraz
    MOhammad yaqoob sarfaraz at | | Reply

    I need to download theanalytical chemistry. Please share link with me.

  8. Swathy
    Swathy at | | Reply

    I need Analytical Chemistry, 6ed Gary D. Christian. Pl provide download link

  9. Bagirei
    Bagirei at | | Reply

    I found this site very useful. Great work from all of you. Cheers!

  10. mital
    mital at | | Reply

    its really great
    thanks a lot

  11. ayesha siddiqa
    ayesha siddiqa at | | Reply

    i need 4th edition of analytical chemistry by Gary D christian…urgentlyyyyyyyyy….can anyone help me plzzzz.

  12. johase
    johase at | | Reply

    Thanks, download link1 worked perfectly for me

  13. hadeer
    hadeer at | | Reply

    not working

  14. bhadresh
    bhadresh at | | Reply

    not working

  15. bhanu
    bhanu at | | Reply

    Sir, o am unable to search download link.

  16. shahin
    shahin at | | Reply

    i want to download analytical chemistry bok

  17. ravi
    ravi at | | Reply

    download link

  18. Manzoor ahmad
    Manzoor ahmad at | | Reply

    Dear my download link is not working
    Plz assist

  19. hoahoang
    hoahoang at | | Reply

    please help me download this book. thanks

  20. Aabha
    Aabha at | | Reply

    It’s not working. ..

  21. Tamannah
    Tamannah at | | Reply

    Not working

  22. Mehreen
    Mehreen at | | Reply

    The downloading link is not working for me???

  23. haseeb khan

    download link is locked file is not download…

  24. khayal
    khayal at | | Reply

    Very nice collection about analytical chemistry

  25. abrar
    abrar at | | Reply

    Not have download option.
    What can I do?

  26. Abhayprasad
    Abhayprasad at | | Reply

    How I download ?

  27. Qasimkhan
    Qasimkhan at | | Reply

    I dont have seenthe download option so for that porpose what can i do

  28. Hira Haris
    Hira Haris at | | Reply

    It’s really great service for Chem Community.
    Please share if you have instrumental Analytical CHEM by Willard also.

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