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  1. John
    John at | | Reply

    Thank you

  2. shoaib malik
    shoaib malik at | | Reply

    no links available to download chemdraw; guide me fully plz

  3. hjan@ntu.edu.sg
    hjan@ntu.edu.sg at | | Reply

    the download link is locked

  4. murtaza
    murtaza at | | Reply

    Hi, Thankyou so much… it really works! I have downloaded and installed the software…. How should I activate it now? Need help!

  5. Aimon
    Aimon at | | Reply

    I am not being able to download it

  6. Martina
    Martina at | | Reply

    Thank you!

  7. MikeT
    MikeT at | | Reply

    I thank you kind sir! This works like a charm!

  8. dddd
    dddd at | | Reply


  9. Oscar
    Oscar at | | Reply

    Thank you!

  10. Luciana Martins
    Luciana Martins at | | Reply

    I can’t find the download link…

  11. Mimi
    Mimi at | | Reply

    Hi there, I have Windows 10 and when I want to install ChemDraw Ultra 12.0, it says I need .NET framework 2.0. I can’t seem to install this old version of .NET. What do I do?

  12. ChemDraw 8.0 Pro.
    ChemDraw 8.0 Pro. at | | Reply

    how can i download

  13. Ben SENGA
    Ben SENGA at | | Reply

    hello!! no download link seems to work and according to the instruction i just need to drop a comment and the link become updated !! so here i drop it! 🙂

  14. John
    John at | | Reply

    I can’t find the download link…

  15. hayfa
    hayfa at | | Reply

    how can i download

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