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  1. Amy
    Amy at | | Reply

    I can not find the link to download

  2. Sanne
    Sanne at | | Reply

    HI! I was wondering how to install this on my mac?

    HAHAHA at | | Reply

    i couldn’t use Ultra 12.0 after the window Update than i installed Professional 2016 and it worked! Thank you so much!..

  4. Saeed Anwar
    Saeed Anwar at | | Reply

    I have activated Chemdraw Professional 16
    Thank you so much

  5. Saeed Anwar
    Saeed Anwar at | | Reply

    I have downloaded and installed ChemDraw Professional 2016 but it needs Activation. When i press Activate over internet button by entering Name, Organization, email, Serial number and Activation code correctly, error comes on the screen that Serial number is invalid or incorrect and cannot be Activated.
    Why? Please help me to activate

  6. Saeed Anwar
    Saeed Anwar at | | Reply

    I was very very pleased when you uploaded ChemDraw Professional 2016.
    Editorial Staff Zindabad

    Lecturer Saeed Anwar Chemistry GDC Billot Sharif…D.I.Khan

  7. Nahed Yacoub
    Nahed Yacoub at | | Reply

    How I could activate the software l don’t have serial number

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