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  1. john
    john at | | Reply

    sorry but links are locked

  2. Hailemikael
    Hailemikael at | | Reply

    please help me it is difficult
    to install this chem draw

  3. Rote Karte
    Rote Karte at | | Reply

    Links are not working anymore. Please help

  4. Ochieng Brian Devonce
    Ochieng Brian Devonce at | | Reply

    hello am not able to see the e mail address,name and company to key in to help me conclude instalation

  5. saddam ud din
    saddam ud din at | | Reply

    hello sir how can i download chemdraw software ? i cant find anylink on the screen

  6. meinaa
    meinaa at | | Reply

    Dear could you please let me get programme chem drew proffesional

  7. Venkatesan
    Venkatesan at | | Reply


  8. Alemayehu Gashaw
    Alemayehu Gashaw at | | Reply

    I couldn’t download the software! would you help me?

  9. saghir
    saghir at | | Reply

    Hi. Dear Sir/ Madam, kindly i want to free download chem draw professional 2016

  10. Eleni
    Eleni at | | Reply


  11. Julio Belmar
    Julio Belmar at | | Reply

    Hi, thanks for this oportunity

  12. Rafaela Carmona
    Rafaela Carmona at | | Reply

    Hello there,

    The installation file does not run im my Mac, showing this message: “You can’t open the application “setup.exe” because Microsoft Windows applications are not supported on macOS”

    Is there a Mac version of this file?

    Thank you very much!

  13. arsh
    arsh at | | Reply

    sir , i am wondering how to download chemdraw professional 2016, please guide me

  14. Goh
    Goh at | | Reply

    Hello there, thank you so much for the helps offered! I am very excited to download this software successfully. Again, thank you very much!

  15. aida fitri
    aida fitri at | | Reply

    but i only see serial number and activation code

  16. Hassan
    Hassan at | | Reply

    the link can’t open even when sign in to my facebook account

  17. mayyubo
    mayyubo at | | Reply

    Hi ! Once I’ve liked your facebook page, the links didn’t show up ! What should I do ? Thanks 🙂

  18. Christine
    Christine at | | Reply

    It won’t download on MAC…am I missing something?

  19. TrinhNguyen
    TrinhNguyen at | | Reply

    How about the name and email for activation? My name, my email or yours? Tks so much

  20. Vince
    Vince at | | Reply

    No download link exists for ChemOffice 2016. Please update.

  21. Alice
    Alice at | | Reply

    I use Google Plus to open the link but nothing happened.

  22. rupa khanal
    rupa khanal at | | Reply

    how can i get serial number

  23. vasudeva reddy nagavelli
    vasudeva reddy nagavelli at | | Reply

    l don’t have serial number, How I could activate the software chem draw ultra 12.0 free version

  24. Amy
    Amy at | | Reply

    I can not find the link to download

  25. Sanne
    Sanne at | | Reply

    HI! I was wondering how to install this on my mac?

  26. HAHAHA
    HAHAHA at | | Reply

    i couldn’t use Ultra 12.0 after the window Update than i installed Professional 2016 and it worked! Thank you so much!..

  27. Saeed Anwar
    Saeed Anwar at | | Reply

    I have activated Chemdraw Professional 16
    Thank you so much

  28. Saeed Anwar
    Saeed Anwar at | | Reply

    I have downloaded and installed ChemDraw Professional 2016 but it needs Activation. When i press Activate over internet button by entering Name, Organization, email, Serial number and Activation code correctly, error comes on the screen that Serial number is invalid or incorrect and cannot be Activated.
    Why? Please help me to activate

  29. Saeed Anwar
    Saeed Anwar at | | Reply

    I was very very pleased when you uploaded ChemDraw Professional 2016.
    Editorial Staff Zindabad

    Lecturer Saeed Anwar Chemistry GDC Billot Sharif…D.I.Khan

  30. Nahed Yacoub
    Nahed Yacoub at | | Reply

    How I could activate the software l don’t have serial number

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