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  1. Dr. R. Radha
    Dr. R. Radha at | | Reply

    Nice work. lot of thanks to u people.

  2. Jefferson
    Jefferson at | | Reply

    yes it is true. the link says “The requested file is no longer available!”

  3. Nahed Yacoub
    Nahed Yacoub at | | Reply

    the download link is not working

  4. David Zavala
    David Zavala at | | Reply

    Hi, you didn’t comment that this version is for 64 bits

  5. Gabatron
    Gabatron at | | Reply

    Link is probably working but the button isn’t. Every time the download button unlocks and it’s clicked, it attempts to open download page, fails and then nothing else happens. All the other downloads have been working just fine.

  6. hayam
    hayam at | | Reply

    sir, this downloaded is not working, can you ask me why, please?

  7. Muhammad Yaseen
    Muhammad Yaseen at | | Reply

    dear sir its not downloaded why

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