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  1. Neeru
    Neeru at | | Reply

    Pls upload download link

  2. 12345678987654321
    12345678987654321 at | | Reply

    organic spectroscopy pavia book

  3. Chandeakant Sant
    Chandeakant Sant at | | Reply

    Very nice book

  4. Naznaz
    Naznaz at | | Reply

    Please anyone can send me organic spectroscopy by silversteam 4th edition

  5. Suman
    Suman at | | Reply

    Please up load photochemistry book by L D S yadav

  6. Qasim Khan

    i cannot see download link

  7. David Johnson

    Informative post.Thanks for the post.Keep sharing.

  8. Rushi
    Rushi at | | Reply

    I have posted this but i can’t get download link

    FATIMA at | | Reply

    can you plz upload spectroscopy book by P.S KALSI?

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