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  1. harini
    harini at | | Reply

    please give me the link to download chem draw

  2. vvor37vv@nate.com
    vvor37vv@nate.com at | | Reply

    no one have solution? please send me.

  3. hj
    hj at | | Reply

    i find a it’s solution, do you have it?

  4. Jhulana
    Jhulana at | | Reply

    Nevermind, it worked!

  5. Alrisha
    Alrisha at | | Reply

    Work just fine. Thank you. A lot

  6. Justine
    Justine at | | Reply

    where are the links?

  7. Ignacio
    Ignacio at | | Reply

    Whe can I find the solutions manual.

  8. Charles Martin Phiri
    Charles Martin Phiri at | | Reply

    I am not given the download link even after following instructions for several times. Please help

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