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  1. Josh
    Josh at | | Reply

    links are not working

  2. Valerie
    Valerie at | | Reply

    Neither link is working.

  3. Fii
    Fii at | | Reply

    The link is not working, hope you can fix this

  4. Howard
    Howard at | | Reply

    hi dear~ some pages are missing!

  5. howard
    howard at | | Reply

    some page are missing!

  6. Diana Furlan
    Diana Furlan at | | Reply

    Thank you so much!

  7. Aqilah
    Aqilah at | | Reply

    This book is very useful

  8. Asoka Marasinghe

    Can you let me know how to do it. Thanks.

  9. HI
    HI at | | Reply

    it worked, thank you soooooo much you saved me a lot of cash

  10. Clee
    Clee at | | Reply

    Link works, book is great! Thanks so much!!!

  11. Jennifer
    Jennifer at | | Reply

    After trying 5 times it finally worked! There’s just a lot of ads you have to go through! Thank you, you guys are amazing!

  12. Alexa

    Hi, the link won’t work for me.

  13. Alex
    Alex at | | Reply

    Links are not working

  14. Alex
    Alex at | | Reply

    The link is not appearing

  15. Mella
    Mella at | | Reply

    Oops, just tried it again and it worked! Thank you

  16. Li
    Li at | | Reply

    Link doesn’t work

  17. Thomas M
    Thomas M at | | Reply

    Liked on facebook, first link zippy does not have the file and second two links come back as error 404 not found :/

  18. J. S.
    J. S. at | | Reply

    Links are not working. If you could update it would be much appreciated

  19. John Doe
    John Doe at | | Reply

    Download links are not working

  20. Tony
    Tony at | | Reply

    Thank you very much. Quite helpful.

  21. Cynthia lopez
    Cynthia lopez at | | Reply

    Links are not working, please help 🙁

  22. Ariane Cuellar
    Ariane Cuellar at | | Reply

    Thank you so much for this!! the g drive one worked wonderfully for me

  23. roze
    roze at | | Reply

    i just tried it and the first worked for me

  24. roze
    roze at | | Reply

    I used the first link

  25. Adela
    Adela at | | Reply

    Hi, the link won’t work for me.

  26. Jennifer Corral
    Jennifer Corral at | | Reply

    Thank you so much for these links!!

  27. Donya Nicole Jackson
    Donya Nicole Jackson at | | Reply

    none of the links work

  28. Iain
    Iain at | | Reply

    Links are not working

  29. Cliff
    Cliff at | | Reply

    The links are not working, please help!

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