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  1. sad customer
    sad customer at | | Reply

    links dont work 🙂

  2. Holmes
    Holmes at | | Reply

    Hi there, I am sorry I could not download the ebook because the links are not working. Could you fix for it? Thank you very much.

  3. Tyler
    Tyler at | | Reply

    Neither of the links seem to be working.

  4. Gloria Marquez
    Gloria Marquez at | | Reply

    Hey the links aren’t working for me 🙁

  5. Callie
    Callie at | | Reply

    Both of the links no longer work

  6. Tony
    Tony at | | Reply

    Link is dead could you please update it ?

  7. Freddy Santiago
    Freddy Santiago at | | Reply

    Neither Link is working for me.

  8. Terry
    Terry at | | Reply

    are there new links?

  9. Nova Pratiwi Indriyani
    Nova Pratiwi Indriyani at | | Reply

    Hi there, I was trying to download the books via both links, but they were not working.
    Could you please fix the links?
    Thank you very much.

  10. Mareen
    Mareen at | | Reply

    “File does not exist on this server”
    both links don’t work for me

  11. Fabiola López
    Fabiola López at | | Reply

    It’s not work

  12. Fitoman
    Fitoman at | | Reply

    Links are not working

  13. mary
    mary at | | Reply

    hi, it seems like the links are no longer working, is there any way to fix this? thanks x

  14. zach
    zach at | | Reply

    neither link works

  15. a
    a at | | Reply

    the links are not working

  16. J
    J at | | Reply

    Links are not working

  17. Ito Yoshi
    Ito Yoshi at | | Reply

    File does not exist. Help

  18. tatiana balian
    tatiana balian at | | Reply

    the links are not working and I followed the directions. please update the links

  19. A
    A at | | Reply

    Both links are broken.

    Link 1 says “We’re sorry. You can’t access this item because it is in violation of our Terms of Service.”

    Link 2 says “File does not exist on this server”

  20. sam
    sam at | | Reply

    not working

  21. Kev Flarik
    Kev Flarik at | | Reply

    Links are not working

  22. Bussy
    Bussy at | | Reply

    Hello. None of the download links are working. I will really appreciate it if I can download this textbook

  23. NIa
    NIa at | | Reply

    Hello, neither o the links are working, especially link 2, it says the file doesn’t exist on the server.

  24. joey
    joey at | | Reply

    Link 1 does NOT work anymore. Please fix it.

  25. joey
    joey at | | Reply

    link doesnt work anymore on google drive!!

  26. Pab
    Pab at | | Reply

    thank you.

  27. Francis Jr Clerie
    Francis Jr Clerie at | | Reply

    Hello, I don’t see the link that u can like on Facebook, it is not displayed

  28. Ellen Macaraeg
    Ellen Macaraeg at | | Reply

    the links dn’t show even ater sharing

  29. Emmanuelle Santiago
    Emmanuelle Santiago at | | Reply

    I was trying to download Chemistry A molecular approach 4th edition, and those links seemed to have removed the book form their servers.

  30. Shay
    Shay at | | Reply

    hello there: thanks for these links. I was wondering, would you happen to have this same book by this author but in the Canadian edition? either the first edition or second? I only ask because i’m assuming the original book will not follow the metric system and thus the units in the book will not be what i’m used too.

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