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  1. Wayzz
    Wayzz at | | Reply

    Can’t see download link

  2. ken
    ken at | | Reply

    I cant find the download links 🙁

  3. Qasim
    Qasim at | | Reply


  4. Altair Glen Deocampo
    Altair Glen Deocampo at | | Reply

    I’ve already click one of the social media site and posted the link, yet, it is still locked.

  5. Hilal
    Hilal at | | Reply

    I can’t download this book.

  6. Elise Shilunga
    Elise Shilunga at | | Reply

    Why is the 6th edition by Raymond and Jason not included in the download link?

  7. May
    May at | | Reply

    I can’t see the download link. Could you please check it? Please. I need it immediately.

  8. shazif attar
    shazif attar at | | Reply

    I am not able to download this book so tell me how to download this.shazif Attar Ms chemistry kashmir university drin agar


    Please send this book to me via e-mail

  10. ammar
    ammar at | | Reply

    Please send this book to me via e-mail

  11. rea
    rea at | | Reply

    I cant download it. Which download button should i click?

  12. Naseeb uĺlah khan
    Naseeb uĺlah khan at | | Reply

    ufff i can not downloud it say u r not exceed plz send me any one to email
    [email protected]

  13. kess
    kess at | | Reply

    i can’t download using my phone . it always says file exceed scaning range of google scan drive. please send chang chemistry to my email([email protected]). thanks

  14. Fat
    Fat at | | Reply

    I am very happy to see a helpful site allowing us to download chemistry books from the renowned authors. And above all, they all are authentic. Thanks and a job well done!!

    1. Abdul kadir Yussif
      Abdul kadir Yussif at | | Reply

      Hello, can you kindly send the book to my mail I can’t download on my pc([email protected]).Thank you

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