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  1. shane
    shane at | | Reply

    not working

  2. Asad afzal
    Asad afzal at | | Reply

    It ask to review my access request to owner in the form of email…. what is this…i have followed all steps😞

  3. Nguyen
    Nguyen at | | Reply

    Dear, i can’t see the link 🙁

  4. Sameer
    Sameer at | | Reply

    Not working
    Link is locked

  5. Alaa
    Alaa at | | Reply

    Thank you for working

  6. jhon
    jhon at | | Reply

    It,s Loked

  7. Jake paulson
    Jake paulson at | | Reply

    The links are working fine unless you dont do what they tell you to do.Thanks chemistry.pk

  8. Malaika Amin
    Malaika Amin at | | Reply

    The link isn’t working, you need to check it once more.

  9. lucky
    lucky at | | Reply

    The download link isn’t working. Please review this issue. If three or more people can complain about this, then it’s definitely a problem to look into

  10. jenny
    jenny at | | Reply

    not working

  11. Aaa
    Aaa at | | Reply

    Want to download this book now but not working

  12. Husnain
    Husnain at | | Reply

    please update your site. download link is not working

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