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  1. francis
    francis at | | Reply

    nice book

  2. Maryam
    Maryam at | | Reply

    Hi, when are you uploading the CD?

  3. maryam
    maryam at | | Reply

    Is the CD for the chemistry guide 2nd edition available now?

  4. Cherry
    Cherry at | | Reply

    Much help needed!!
    Can I have the answers for the examination practice questions in each chapters?
    Thank you so much.

  5. Abdullah Shamsan
    Abdullah Shamsan at | | Reply

    I want the link of download sended yo my email please

  6. med has
    med has at | | Reply

    very good

  7. Shoukat Iqbal
    Shoukat Iqbal at | | Reply

    Download link does not work.

  8. Paritosh Joshi
    Paritosh Joshi at | | Reply

    Do you have the CD?

  9. Mira Wati

    thanks so much

  10. Everington
    Everington at | | Reply

    The link is not working

  11. Lennox Majahamabiri


  12. Syed Nadeem

    All download links are working. I have downloaded the book. Thank you!

  13. Javed Sanpal

    Plz download link is not working

  14. Majesty
    Majesty at | | Reply

    I have unlocked it buh it’s not downloading

  15. david

    It’s fine.

  16. Ali Abbas
    Ali Abbas at | | Reply

    Peter Hugg ki book aur Raymond Chang ki book ke download link block hn.

  17. saad
    saad at | | Reply

    the download link is nt working

  18. philips
    philips at | | Reply

    The download
    link is not working

  19. sana
    sana at | | Reply


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