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  1. KR
    KR at | | Reply

    From this PDF text cannot be copied.

  2. zenpix
    zenpix at | | Reply

    it says that the pdf file can’t be opened, i have downloaded the file fully, please let me know how to fix it

  3. sarika
    sarika at | | Reply

    hi, what is the diffrence between link 1 and link 2. thanks

  4. Haider
    Haider at | | Reply

    As soon as I click the download link it says password is required….so my question is what is the password

  5. Aun Mehdi
    Aun Mehdi at | | Reply

    Bro thanks soo much you are a life saver.

  6. dash
    dash at | | Reply

    what password should i enter

  7. Jay
    Jay at | | Reply

    Says PDF file corrupted

  8. hecker
    hecker at | | Reply

    thx so much

    1. Ahmed Saleh
      Ahmed Saleh at | | Reply

      Please can you send me the pdf file. I can’t download it. ahmed_***@yahoo.com

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