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  1. S.Madhushani
    S.Madhushani at | | Reply

    Plz send me the link to download.

  2. shanaya naqvi
    shanaya naqvi at | | Reply

    plz send me link for downloading

  3. ammar
    ammar at | | Reply

    i like chemistry

  4. vasavi devi
    vasavi devi at | | Reply

    i love chemistry

  5. Sambit
    Sambit at | | Reply

    hii…….please help me…

  6. Deepak Saini
    Deepak Saini at | | Reply

    Please unlock this

  7. Aishwarya kushwaha
    Aishwarya kushwaha at | | Reply

    Not downloading

  8. Anil Roy
    Anil Roy at | | Reply

    Not downloading

  9. Bhavesh
    Bhavesh at | | Reply

    Can’t download

  10. Divya
    Divya at | | Reply

    Download link is not available. What shall I do

  11. Shaikh Faiza
    Shaikh Faiza at | | Reply

    The link is still locked even after +1’ing. 🙁

  12. Ali
    Ali at | | Reply


  13. Tamanna
    Tamanna at | | Reply

    can’t download

    AKINWALE at | | Reply

    am unable to download it

  15. Romiul Haque
    Romiul Haque at | | Reply

    To all dear Buddies who can’t download files!
    1) If u can’t see download option! Refresh the page. Or Open in Chrome no need of pc.
    2) Exe file downloads! Huh that’s the one of the most faltu error u report. They are actually ads which are sending u exe files. I do verify this, that all the links are working especially link 1 with some ads.

  16. Abdullah Al Umayer
    Abdullah Al Umayer at | | Reply

    I can not find the download file of morrison and boyd organic chemistry 6th edition via Android pinterest app

  17. s prasad
    s prasad at | | Reply

    Download link of Morrison and Boyd points to an exe file and not the PDF. Can you please get PDF linked to the site.

  18. adil shafi
    adil shafi at | | Reply

    Sir please send me a book f photochemistry and medicinal Chem…..

  19. adil shafi
    adil shafi at | | Reply

    Please provide an active link…..

  20. shatanshu
    shatanshu at | | Reply

    hey …i likes it on fb still he links aren’t available
    just tell me how can i download the pdf !

  21. Tagelsir Awad
    Tagelsir Awad at | | Reply

    all your books which you mentioned are free download when I Did download is blocked why?

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