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    THANH VO at | | Reply

    can you upload the solution for this book also. I will be really appreciated it

  2. pathum
    pathum at | | Reply

    thanks for update

  3. Maryam Sadeghi
    Maryam Sadeghi at | | Reply

    I wish you had the solution manual to it as well!

  4. Yousra Elmaraghee
    Yousra Elmaraghee at | | Reply


  5. Sennu
    Sennu at | | Reply

    I need the this book 10th edition and its solution manual

  6. pepe
    pepe at | | Reply

    Very nice

  7. talha
    talha at | | Reply

    good book

  8. ACA
    ACA at | | Reply

    Kindly please update the download link

  9. Physical chemistry by atkins
    Physical chemistry by atkins at | | Reply

    Book is not downloading please send me a link from where I got it free plz

  10. dal
    dal at | | Reply

    Could you update the link please

  11. asif
    asif at | | Reply

    please send link of download

  12. ganesh shahi
    ganesh shahi at | | Reply

    thanks for update

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