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  1. prasad todankar
    prasad todankar at | | Reply

    Why I can’t download how to download

  2. Arushi Pandey
    Arushi Pandey at | | Reply

    Superb work!!
    Thankx and love from India.

  3. Namita
    Namita at | | Reply

    How we can download the book???

  4. Alisha Bukhari
    Alisha Bukhari at | | Reply

    Give me a downloaded book of physical chemistry by Dr Haq Nawaz

  5. Alisha Bukhari
    Alisha Bukhari at | | Reply

    I read instructions and like fb page but link not appearing plz solve my prblm

  6. aman
    aman at | | Reply

    Nice work,Love frm India

  7. Hissan Sadiq
    Hissan Sadiq at | | Reply

    Not working. Please send me the link. And do you have the link for Jerry Marsh’s Organic Chemistry.

  8. jacky one
    jacky one at | | Reply

    nice ones

  9. holess
    holess at | | Reply

    a profound book

  10. Anurag
    Anurag at | | Reply

    A thank you form India.
    Thanks to you and your team

  11. Mehreen
    Mehreen at | | Reply

    How to get the download links from Google +

  12. ahmed
    ahmed at | | Reply

    do you have physical chem. by ira levine

  13. kaiwilliams18
    kaiwilliams18 at | | Reply

    The download links arent coming up.

  14. utk
    utk at | | Reply


  15. Rehina
    Rehina at | | Reply

    this is fine as hell, thank you

  16. srikarah
    srikarah at | | Reply

    there are no links or the instructions appearing……

  17. Gnani
    Gnani at | | Reply

    Pls send me the link

  18. Kayanja Brian
    Kayanja Brian at | | Reply

    Good book for Automotive engineers

  19. Sayantan Bhanja
    Sayantan Bhanja at | | Reply

    Thanx a lot for uploading this useful book, lots of love,

  20. bilal
    bilal at | | Reply

    can’t download this file
    they are saying that the file is not safe

  21. maheswari S
    maheswari S at | | Reply

    link is not working? plz send the link

  22. Chemistry student
    Chemistry student at | | Reply

    Link 1 didn’t work, but Link 2 was fine. Thank you for sharing

  23. subhendu sahu
    subhendu sahu at | | Reply

    Hloo…I’m using a mobile…And I can’t saw the download link…It was written that the download link is locked….Plzz solve my problem and help me in downloading the book

  24. Kosasih
    Kosasih at | | Reply

    I am not able to download the book. I even cannot see the download botton, eventhough I use laptop

  25. Hunny
    Hunny at | | Reply

    I am not able to download the book

  26. Esther
    Esther at | | Reply

    The link isn’t working, I can’t download it. (I’ve already followed the instructions)

  27. Amara Arif
    Amara Arif at | | Reply

    Thankyou very much

  28. emmanuel
    emmanuel at | | Reply

    amazing book

  29. pawar
    pawar at | | Reply

    Please send the link. …….

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