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  1. Prabhat Kumar
    Prabhat Kumar at | | Reply

    Thanks for this post, it is very useful for me i have also provide some educational books in pdf

  2. Solange Carbonel
    Solange Carbonel at | | Reply

    Good afternoon! I do not have facebook and twitter. Please, is it possible to download some books without them?

  3. R
    R at | | Reply

    hey…im not able to download the book.. general chemistry by Petrucci, kindly send me the link

  4. Waqas Muhammad
    Waqas Muhammad at | | Reply

    The link does not work for me

  5. Ratnakar Ahuja
    Ratnakar Ahuja at | | Reply

    On pressing Twitter 2 download link appear. Download link 1 works.

    SEHRISH IQBAL at | | Reply

    how could you download it please help

  7. Kamran Ali Kanhar
    Kamran Ali Kanhar at | | Reply

    Please open this download link

  8. Abu Bakar Sadeeque
    Abu Bakar Sadeeque at | | Reply

    Thank you so much, It was hard to find the download links, i just follow the instructions and did so, it worked ☺, The download speed of 1st link is pretty good as compared to second one, Once again thanks ?

  9. Richard ofori
    Richard ofori at | | Reply

    Hi I’m Richard I want download general chemistry by petrucci but the link is not working after sharing the link.

  10. eze boy
    eze boy at | | Reply

    the download link is not downloading it
    it is telling me the file is corrupt

  11. Lou Lu
    Lou Lu at | | Reply

    was able to download the book, thanks

  12. general chemistry principles and modern applications
    general chemistry principles and modern applications at | | Reply

    it is not working

  13. Chukwubueze Chukwuzite Anakwenze
    Chukwubueze Chukwuzite Anakwenze at | | Reply

    I don’t see the lock or unlock links at all :/

  14. Ribut Sugiharto
    Ribut Sugiharto at | | Reply

    After unlocking download link, it’s gone. How I download the book?

  15. M F Cheira
    M F Cheira at | | Reply

    i want to download Principles of Chemical Equilibrium only, but download links not working after clicking on social links.

  16. hafsa
    hafsa at | | Reply

    kindly unlock this soon i am waiting

  17. susanafsobralc
    susanafsobralc at | | Reply

    I shared quite a few times on G+ and it’s not working 🙁

  18. Sameer Sherwani
    Sameer Sherwani at | | Reply

    Sir I need this book quite badly please unlock it’s download link

  19. Gloria Mligo
    Gloria Mligo at | | Reply

    I want to download the book

  20. gözde
    gözde at | | Reply

    i cant see links 🙁

  21. Meylis
    Meylis at | | Reply

    There is “The Download Link is Locked” writes. And how can I download then???

  22. Meylis
    Meylis at | | Reply

    Please send me new link of General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications (10th edition)

  23. Khawlan
    Khawlan at | | Reply

    I want to downloaddownload the book

  24. artyk68
    artyk68 at | | Reply

    thanks for the book! i want to download

  25. Grep Scott
    Grep Scott at | | Reply

    Hi Hasnain, i want to download Principles of Chemical Equilibrium only, but download links not working after clicking on social links.

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