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  1. Heloise
    Heloise at | | Reply

    All links are down

  2. Dhruv

    Ok, it strangely worked on a different computer.

  3. Alisia
    Alisia at | | Reply

    I would like to have a copy of your book for a school research paper. It says the links are locked. I hope you can help.

  4. Benjamin Tyler
    Benjamin Tyler at | | Reply

    Still not working

  5. Adrie Small
    Adrie Small at | | Reply

    Hi I’m experiencing the same issues as Dale Brandt. Get errors when I try to click on the 3 icons and I am unable to download. Please send link.

  6. Dale Brandt

    I am unable to unlock the link.
    When I click on any of the 3 icons, it folds down, but nothing else occurs.
    The link is still locked.

  7. Kurra Siva Durga
    Kurra Siva Durga at | | Reply

    Sir I need your published books but iam unable to download please provide link to download every book in this website

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