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  1. neelataara
    neelataara at | | Reply

    I had liked and shared via google plus and twitter, but none of ’em works (no downloading)

  2. Ritam Baksi
    Ritam Baksi at | | Reply

    Downloading link are not working. Plz help me

  3. Adinda
    Adinda at | | Reply

    can I have link for download this ebook? Thanks

  4. Lucas
    Lucas at | | Reply

    The download link is not working. Please, could you help me?

  5. Yusuf
    Yusuf at | | Reply

    Does anyone know were I can find the Student Solutions Manual for Modern Physical Organic Chemistry

  6. Luis
    Luis at | | Reply

    please can you upload some books about heterogeneous catalysis?

  7. Lesley
    Lesley at | | Reply

    this website has been helping me a lot, thanks

  8. Nedelcho
    Nedelcho at | | Reply

    Dear Sirs,I liked the page via facebook,but downloading did not start.Please,help me

  9. rutuja
    rutuja at | | Reply

    the link is not working plz do something

  10. Anugrah Nunu
    Anugrah Nunu at | | Reply

    Nice ebook. thank you

  11. romezio
    romezio at | | Reply

    The download link is not working.

  12. M Ajmal
    M Ajmal at | | Reply

    I am unable to download the book
    Plz help me

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