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  1. AJ
    AJ at | | Reply

    Dont fool people there is no download link

  2. Mudassir
    Mudassir at | | Reply

    Download links are not working

  3. Ojas
    Ojas at | | Reply

    Is it available in market as a single volume or in 2 or multiple volumes

  4. Rabia Waheed
    Rabia Waheed at | | Reply

    I can’t get the links even following all the instructions. plz make the link possible to download, i really really want this book

    1. Rana saqlain

      Sir plz update download link

  5. Gerardo
    Gerardo at | | Reply

    I’m searching for “Student Solutions Manual for Ball’s Physical Chemistry, 2nd”
    It exists in PDF?
    Or even the solutions manual 1st Ed?

  6. sara
    sara at | | Reply

    Please send me Physical Chemistry by David W Ball pdf at this e.mail

  7. Alisha Bukhari
    Alisha Bukhari at | | Reply

    Plzzzz give me physical chemistry by Dr Haq Nawaz Bhati

  8. M. Owais Mir
    M. Owais Mir at | | Reply

    Plz i request you to give me a download book for physical chemistry written by Autkins

  9. rodgers
    rodgers at | | Reply

    i cant see the download link even following your instructions.

  10. Gaurav
    Gaurav at | | Reply

    Your download link is locked

  11. Abdulrazaq Abubakar
    Abdulrazaq Abubakar at | | Reply

    Please couldn’t see download link

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