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  1. Hawraa Mahmoud Kareem
    Hawraa Mahmoud Kareem at | | Reply

    i need the link please and if possible solution manual

  2. Dorcas
    Dorcas at | | Reply

    Nothing is showing after clicking on facebook like

  3. khurram khan
    khurram khan at | | Reply

    Love this

  4. jamie nocon
    jamie nocon at | | Reply

    worked for me, thank you so much

  5. waseeq ur Rehman
    waseeq ur Rehman at | | Reply

    Not working

  6. ogeubali

    Its not working

  7. Jiya Faruqi
    Jiya Faruqi at | | Reply

    Download link. is not available. Kidnly drop me link

  8. Jignesh
    Jignesh at | | Reply

    Download links are not working. Plz update and inform me.

  9. Syed Naqvi

    no link

  10. Biianca
    Biianca at | | Reply

    no link

  11. Mandeep
    Mandeep at | | Reply

    No link

  12. Shrawan kumar choudhary
    Shrawan kumar choudhary at | | Reply

    I have not got link

  13. jawad alam
    jawad alam at | | Reply

    i m very thankful to u peoples

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