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  1. skjdk
    skjdk at | | Reply

    The requested file requires a password

  2. Iván Díaz
    Iván Díaz at | | Reply

    the download link is not working, can you please give me a new download link?

  3. Lio
    Lio at | | Reply

    Thank you

  4. Shabbir Ahmed
    Shabbir Ahmed at | | Reply

    Please i need the book that have Nmr structure of all complex compounds and also their specturm for parctive how can i get that

    PAVAN KARKARE at | | Reply

    can not find link

  6. leah
    leah at | | Reply

    link doesnot appear

  7. Suraj Wajge

    Its good

  8. Yahia
    Yahia at | | Reply

    Download link doesn’t appear.

  9. Amir

    Thank you,
    Any chance to get 8th Edition?

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