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  1. lakhan
    lakhan at | | Reply

    Thanks for this. … And please provide solutions manual also

  2. Mohd Ateeque
    Mohd Ateeque at | | Reply

    Sir please provide manual solution

  3. Joshua.A. Adetola
    Joshua.A. Adetola at | | Reply

    Do l have to do anythianything before l can get my favourite books in Chemistry downloaded?… Please l need reply.

  4. Faraz Rasheed
    Faraz Rasheed at | | Reply

    thanks for such a usefull website

  5. ghanshyam
    ghanshyam at | | Reply

    oh! I just downloaded both book in few minutes a lot of thanks

  6. Adeyoye Joshua A.
    Adeyoye Joshua A. at | | Reply

    Oh!, i just downloaded it few minutes after the above comment. Many thanks admin.

  7. Adeyoye Joshua A.
    Adeyoye Joshua A. at | | Reply

    Dear admin, the download link is not responding {not working} pls.

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