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  1. Dr.Ravi kumar
    Dr.Ravi kumar at | | Reply

    I am not getting download this book… I need help

  2. sadiq khan
    sadiq khan at | | Reply

    plz tell me how i download book

  3. dharmapal
    dharmapal at | | Reply

    send me the downloading link now

  4. DIDAR
    DIDAR at | | Reply

    Please send me, download link.

  5. Atoloye Nana Awawu Temitope
    Atoloye Nana Awawu Temitope at | | Reply

    The download link is not working

  6. Mudassar Raza
    Mudassar Raza at | | Reply

    How we download?

  7. md mofazzal
    md mofazzal at | | Reply

    download link is locked…

  8. Sukanto Biswas
    Sukanto Biswas at | | Reply

    Not appearing

  9. subhendu sahu
    subhendu sahu at | | Reply

    Hey Salman…If u have the book then please send me it on my email address suvusahu@gmail.com

  10. subhendu sahu
    subhendu sahu at | | Reply

    The download link is locked….Please give the download link….

  11. Salman
    Salman at | | Reply

    Helpful book

  12. sami
    sami at | | Reply

    plz e mail me this book at axisokara02@gmail.com

  13. veronica
    veronica at | | Reply

    downloard link is not working

  14. soha
    soha at | | Reply

    The link doesnot appear:(

  15. Omolesho Akeem
    Omolesho Akeem at | | Reply

    The download link is not working oooo

  16. Md Mursalin
    Md Mursalin at | | Reply

    Good book

  17. Ahsan
    Ahsan at | | Reply

    Dear download is not working

  18. Sajimi
    Sajimi at | | Reply

    I can’t find any link

  19. Nisha Singh
    Nisha Singh at | | Reply

    Surfing the net and your website caught my attention. Really liked the site’s content 🙂 Thanks for the ebooks!
    Best of luck & Have a fantastic 2017!

  20. aman
    aman at | | Reply

    Download not working

  21. souhardya mitra
    souhardya mitra at | | Reply

    whenever i try to download the book via either link1 or link 2,they send me to a page containing advertisements…like zippyshare sends me each time to different websites like facevook,email etc….please help…i need this book

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