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  1. Mudassar Raza
    Mudassar Raza at | | Reply

    Update the link

  2. Faisal
    Faisal at | | Reply

    i need solution manual of this book…
    how i can download it….?

  3. Atiq Reman
    Atiq Reman at | | Reply

    salaam to all ….. dear brothers i need audio or video lecture of bs bhal physical chemistry

  4. jasmine
    jasmine at | | Reply

    Where are the download links?i cant find any

  5. Jacob Hare
    Jacob Hare at | | Reply

    i wish to download the book

  6. I-Shah Khan
    I-Shah Khan at | | Reply

    I cnt download it

  7. vandit
    vandit at | | Reply

    Can’t find link to physical che arun baha
    After g+1

  8. Gabriel
    Gabriel at | | Reply

    I can’t find the link. could you pls send it to gabrieldavieez@gmail.com

  9. HerMa
    HerMa at | | Reply

    No download link even after clicking the facebook

  10. raj
    raj at | | Reply

    i didn’t find any download links

  11. Sumit Gandotra
    Sumit Gandotra at | | Reply

    i would like to download.. plz send me the link

  12. Ejiro Jude
    Ejiro Jude at | | Reply

    anyone should kindly send me this text book or send me the link to ejiro104real@gmail.com. thanks

  13. moiz
    moiz at | | Reply

    Where is download option

  14. irum
    irum at | | Reply

    How I can download this book

  15. rida
    rida at | | Reply

    how can i download this book ? plzz tell me asap..

  16. rida
    rida at | | Reply

    i would like to download.. plz send me the link

  17. hayatullah afghan
    hayatullah afghan at | | Reply

    good action

  18. ibrahimimotomi@yahoo.com
    ibrahimimotomi@yahoo.com at | | Reply

    kudos to u bro.

  19. Dele Omokhuale
    Dele Omokhuale at | | Reply

    I like this book

  20. Moon Moon Mondal
    Moon Moon Mondal at | | Reply

    I would like to download..please give me the link

  21. keeyan
    keeyan at | | Reply

    Nice book

  22. rashed kamal
    rashed kamal at | | Reply

    nice book!

  23. aadarsha singh
    aadarsha singh at | | Reply

    I am a biochemistry student……

    MOSSES ALLY at | | Reply

    I like this site so much as a grown scientist

  25. onwuagana ugochukwu
    onwuagana ugochukwu at | | Reply

    i love it

  26. wenbo
    wenbo at | | Reply

    Despite of pressing the like button Links are not showing.badly need this book

  27. ayub
    ayub at | | Reply

    gyes any one which have A TEXT BOOK OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY ARUN BAHL/ BS BAHL plz send me on this email ayubgopang87@gmail.com

  28. ayub
    ayub at | | Reply

    i have done it bundle of thanx

  29. Attaullah
    Attaullah at | | Reply

    @administration Sir,
    Same is the case with me, as with M. Bilal.

  30. M.Bilal
    M.Bilal at | | Reply

    Despite of pressing the like button Links are not showing.

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