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  1. Ratnakar Ahuja
    Ratnakar Ahuja at | | Reply

    Download link appears when you press Google plus then Twitter

  2. Ropan
    Ropan at | | Reply

    Download links are not working.the g+ specially ain’t giving anything.Please help me to get the download links.

  3. cleo
    cleo at | | Reply

    I can’t download, it says the file has been expired..?

  4. Ketki
    Ketki at | | Reply

    I +1 on google+ but download link didn’t showed up

  5. rabia amin
    rabia amin at | | Reply

    the book is not downloading from this link. i have tried the facebook link as well

  6. GB
    GB at | | Reply

    It works…thank you…

  7. Chandrakant Singh

    I +1 in google plus but didn’t got link.

  8. Abdullah IMRAN


  9. Harsh Vardhan
    Harsh Vardhan at | | Reply

    please mail me the download link

  10. Jaideep
    Jaideep at | | Reply

    Sir please please provide me the download link

  11. nandu
    nandu at | | Reply

    please send the link on my email id [email protected] so that i can dowload th e book

  12. Sreyashi
    Sreyashi at | | Reply

    Cant find the download link for this book!! Please help

  13. z
    z at | | Reply

    Thank you really very much. I have downloaded this book successfully.
    Thanks for co operating.

  14. z
    z at | | Reply

    I have tried a lot but I am unable to find out the download link to download this book. I have also tried to get the link by using facebook accoun but could not find it. Can you please send the link to my e mail account ? Thank you.

  15. Laura
    Laura at | | Reply

    Thanks a lot for sharing this very helpful book! By the way, add blocking extensions like Adblock are hiding the download link (for those who have issues to get things work).

  16. pavan.
    pavan. at | | Reply

    Please send download link

  17. suman
    suman at | | Reply

    please send the link on my email id [email protected] so that i can dowload th e book

  18. GV
    GV at | | Reply

    Hi, what does your download button look like? Because I’ve shared the book via facebook and g+ but still I can’t seem to find the download button. I’m hoping I’ll be able to download this book! Thanks!

  19. Md Mursalin
    Md Mursalin at | | Reply

    Thank you so much

  20. Srinu
    Srinu at | | Reply

    Sir ji

    I unable to download
    Can plz send me a soft copy to my mail

  21. Md Mursalin
    Md Mursalin at | | Reply

    Good book for bsc students

  22. Weronika Slawinska
    Weronika Slawinska at | | Reply

    It’s not working is there any way to fix it so it’s available to download? :'( Would be great to have this…

  23. Thien
    Thien at | | Reply

    tks a lot.

  24. tasneef
    tasneef at | | Reply

    the window becomes error anyone can tell me what’s the problem

  25. Patricia Manapul
    Patricia Manapul at | | Reply

    Thank you for your portal. Been looking every where for free Chemistry ebooks!

    1. rajat sharma
      rajat sharma at | | Reply

      How to download????

  26. Biman Mandal
    Biman Mandal at | | Reply

    Please give me a link to download this useful book

  27. Jonothan Sheedy
    Jonothan Sheedy at | | Reply

    second link appears to work. But feel free to check yourselves if you don’t trust me! 🙂

  28. sadia
    sadia at | | Reply

    not working — kindly send this book —

  29. adiran

    hey can u update it?> its not working. thanks! i need it urgently i have my a levels tomorrow

  30. mmse
    mmse at | | Reply

    Thank you a lot
    but it is not available

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