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  1. Bilal Ahmad
    Bilal Ahmad at | | Reply

    Download link not working

  2. Afsara
    Afsara at | | Reply

    i need this pdf.. anyone can help me?

  3. Citizen four
    Citizen four at | | Reply

    Awesome man. Thanks a lot. If any reader is wondering if it’s a fake sight, no it’s not. The links actually get unblocked once you like the fb page or tweet. Thanks again

  4. Charlon37
    Charlon37 at | | Reply

    Thanks guys! You are the bomb!

  5. Codford
    Codford at | | Reply

    Thanks you

  6. cassy
    cassy at | | Reply

    Thanks it actually work for me

  7. Rajbol kumar
    Rajbol kumar at | | Reply

    Providing link is not working

  8. Jacquelyn LaVAllee
    Jacquelyn LaVAllee at | | Reply

    Thank you for providing this. First link worked perfectly and I converted it over to Google drive (which scanned for viruses). You have saved me from having to lug a physical copy from school to home and back.

  9. bao
    bao at | | Reply

    the link doesnt work. could u help me

  10. Nn
    Nn at | | Reply

    Working perfectly

  11. Disha Sharma
    Disha Sharma at | | Reply

    it’s not working… I’ve tried to follow the instructions but still…. Please help me

  12. Amabella
    Amabella at | | Reply

    I want to download the pdf file of atkins and paula

  13. Sayak Mitra
    Sayak Mitra at | | Reply

    The download links are locked. Could you please look into the matter?

  14. Pravallika Gupta
    Pravallika Gupta at | | Reply

    please help me downloading sir/madam…as fast as possible ..I really need it now

  15. Usha
    Usha at | | Reply

    Link is not available

  16. antara
    antara at | | Reply

    too much grateful to you .waiting for more books

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