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  1. Khalidumer
    Khalidumer at | | Reply

    Please tell any website for physics books

  2. ChemistAnmar221A

    Thanks alot
    you guys did a great help to me thanks alot

  3. praveena
    praveena at | | Reply

    thank you very much sir…please upload shriver athkins solution book..

  4. Yang
    Yang at | | Reply

    Is there a solution for this book? I can’t find it. 😭

  5. khursheed
    khursheed at | | Reply

    kindly sir update the download link
    because the book not downloading now

    B AKARSH at | | Reply

    The download link works.
    Thanks for the help guys

  7. Jannabi Sharlin Sristy

    thank you so much! i have been searching for this forever! Bless you guys!!

  8. ruhina
    ruhina at | | Reply

    I can,t see the download link

  9. BIlly
    BIlly at | | Reply

    Shared via google plus and the first download link worked, thank you!

  10. samantha babirye
    samantha babirye at | | Reply

    I can’t see the download link for the book

  11. arina
    arina at | | Reply

    download link isnt visible in my laptop. can you give me the link that unlocked?? thank u before

  12. Abi
    Abi at | | Reply

    Hey Can you give me the link for this book, I am having trouble viewing it.

  13. Jaam Farooq Sikandar
    Jaam Farooq Sikandar at | | Reply

    dear, we followed your directions but links are not working, these links redirect us here again. please pave the way, for that. anyhow am glad to see this site.

  14. Ambreen
    Ambreen at | | Reply

    The link is locked

  15. daniel kileo
    daniel kileo at | | Reply

    the link is locked

  16. profederlima

    I am very happy in downloading these books.

  17. Rsal
    Rsal at | | Reply

    I can’t download this book. It says that the link is locked

  18. Madusha Malalage
    Madusha Malalage at | | Reply

    Very useful.

  19. Light
    Light at | | Reply

    So many thanks, this book was impossible to find

  20. vyomkesh

    nice work guys…….. it was very helpful

  21. Vikas Koundal

    no download links are available

  22. Meaad
    Meaad at | | Reply

    My pleasure to find this book in PDF.File for free. I will start discover it for three months later. Hopefully, I can get a copy of it.

  23. oluwakemi

    am having problem downloading

  24. Abid Rahim
    Abid Rahim at | | Reply

    How can i download this book.i try but no link i see still to download this book.please guide me.thanks

  25. Ayesha
    Ayesha at | | Reply

    Please update the download link.I can’t download book

  26. Irshad
    Irshad at | | Reply

    There is no option of downloading

  27. usman
    usman at | | Reply

    Not downloading plz update

  28. sandra maugana
    sandra maugana at | | Reply

    im struggling to download.pls help

  29. Kinza

    Upload the link plz.

  30. ashish

    sorry i am not able to download it because your downloading option is all blocked

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