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  1. JJ
    JJ at | | Reply

    Thank you very much for this great help! Love it lots, and this site too!!!!

  2. Juan O
    Juan O at | | Reply

    Great, keep it up !!! I hope to find more books here.

  3. CollegeLife
    CollegeLife at | | Reply

    Hello, the like options are not working at the moment

  4. Chem
    Chem at | | Reply

    My mind is blown. This actually worked. Thank you for saving my life

  5. Keanna Randle
    Keanna Randle at | | Reply

    Can I get an access code with the download

  6. mahlatse
    mahlatse at | | Reply

    Good day

    Please help downloading the book, or send a link to mahlatsekataka@yahoo.com

  7. Dolapo
    Dolapo at | | Reply

    I can see the link but I can’t access it

  8. Simon Leopold
    Simon Leopold at | | Reply

    it is not downloading, am using desktop, locked in from face book

  9. abdul wasay
    abdul wasay at | | Reply

    it works//////////////

  10. amina siraj
    amina siraj at | | Reply

    does it work

  11. Kym
    Kym at | | Reply

    It won’t download, keeps saying it’s locked and I’ve added on FBB

  12. Xiaohan Hou
    Xiaohan Hou at | | Reply

    Does it work?

  13. ceehoo
    ceehoo at | | Reply

    try to see

  14. Ali
    Ali at | | Reply

    It says: (The Download Link is Locked!)

  15. Kylanacus
    Kylanacus at | | Reply

    Worked great, thanks!

  16. Bismark
    Bismark at | | Reply

    Can’t download it. Link not working with my Pc.
    Need a valid link.

  17. Bismark
    Bismark at | | Reply

    Can any one please send it for me through mail coz Can’t download it here

  18. Alper
    Alper at | | Reply

    link please

  19. OZLEM
    OZLEM at | | Reply

    I couldn’t get a download link !

  20. Julie Perry
    Julie Perry at | | Reply

    can’t download. I’m having problems with the download link

  21. Shongwe BJ
    Shongwe BJ at | | Reply

    i am not able to download this book. chemistry: the central science

  22. Ambren
    Ambren at | | Reply

    No download link available, kindly help me

  23. Laraib
    Laraib at | | Reply

    no link

  24. ikay
    ikay at | | Reply

    Good book

  25. adel zaky
    adel zaky at | | Reply

    thanks for your great efforts

  26. Aaasif Bhat
    Aaasif Bhat at | | Reply

    Oh problem in downloading

  27. Gul
    Gul at | | Reply

    The Download Link is Locked!

  28. sohail anjum
    sohail anjum at | | Reply

    it is not downloadind

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