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  1. Kritika Thukral
    Kritika Thukral at | | Reply

    Download link is not working

  2. Mcdonnel
    Mcdonnel at | | Reply

    The download links do not appear after liking the Facebook icon. Google plus is not visible

  3. celi
    celi at | | Reply

    i already sent the like on facebook but doesn´t appear the download button

  4. nat m
    nat m at | | Reply

    this is so old but I need the book. please send the direct link to donwload it

  5. aLLy
    aLLy at | | Reply

    Thanks so much! It’s working.

  6. FRANKLIN Ikechukwu
    FRANKLIN Ikechukwu at | | Reply

    The download link is still locked on my page. Help from that end please

  7. John Mark
    John Mark at | | Reply

    Thank you!!!

  8. hanna
    hanna at | | Reply

    link doesn’t work, says 403 forbidden

  9. asma

    from where you download the book pl send link to me

  10. Rony KHALIFE
    Rony KHALIFE at | | Reply

    Nice Book

    LYNN PEJANA at | | Reply

    I need this book please

  12. mohamed mahmoud
    mohamed mahmoud at | | Reply

    thank you for the book

  13. Bushra Hashmi
    Bushra Hashmi at | | Reply

    wow, this book is very informative and content is helping me alot.

  14. martin
    martin at | | Reply

    i cannot unlock the download link

  15. Andre
    Andre at | | Reply

    Link 1 worked brilliantly, just a few ads to get past and then it downloaded instantly, no sign up. Thank you so much guys, you are my hero!!

  16. sreylakhena PHAL
    sreylakhena PHAL at | | Reply

    The link1 works, it takes time before it is working. Thank you so much for allowing to download for free.

  17. Zarifah Suraya
    Zarifah Suraya at | | Reply

    i’ve hit the google +1 for about 3 times. still cant download.

  18. Karen Schaich
    Karen Schaich at | | Reply

    I too have followed your directions using G+, and the download link comes up, but clicking on the link just takes me back to the original web page. I can’t seem to get out of the loop. ANy suggestions?

  19. Mai
    Mai at | | Reply

    It looks like the links are not working right now (or at least 2 of 3 are down)

  20. touch
    touch at | | Reply

    The download links are active but the book is not downloading

  21. Ushani
    Ushani at | | Reply

    The link isn’t working.. I tried several times but it failes again and again.

  22. Chukwuma Valentine
    Chukwuma Valentine at | | Reply

    For everyone complaining, all I did was follow the instructions by sharing on my Google Plus and I got the links unlocked. The first one worked so I guess the other two are fine too. Thanks to the editorial staff of this portal.

  23. jerry
    jerry at | | Reply

    it isn’t working

  24. Durray Shahwar
    Durray Shahwar at | | Reply

    I’ve followed the instructions 10 times .-. I’m a student from the same university 🙂 It’s a good thing you’re doing but seriously, i’ve +1 it 4-5 times its still not working.

  25. Tajamul hassan
    Tajamul hassan at | | Reply

    Sir,i followed what u given in instruction bt the link isn’t working.

  26. Tajamul hassan
    Tajamul hassan at | | Reply

    Sir i m trying to download Fundamentals of Analytical Chemisty bt it isn’t working..Sir help us in this regard.

  27. Dhaniella
    Dhaniella at | | Reply

    i supported through g+ but it doesn’t show the link.

  28. Dale
    Dale at | | Reply

    Your instructions dont work.

  29. Dale
    Dale at | | Reply

    I am trying to download this book.


    I do not use FaceBook or Twitter; thus, I do not have their web site accounts.
    I click on g+ and the rectangle flips down. No links are shown.
    If I then click on the g+ that is showing, my g+ account opens displaying the book icon. If I click the icon, it takes me back to the book’s web page to download.
    I never see any download links.
    I do not use the cloud and am trying to download tommy iPad.
    What do I need to do to get the download to work ?

    Thank you

  30. Rishaen
    Rishaen at | | Reply

    Where can i find the download links ?

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