CAIE Chemistry 9701 As Level P3 (Lab) Worksheets by Muhammad Hasnain

CAIE Chemistry 9701 As Level P3 Lab Manual and worksheets by Muhammad Hasnain (Cedar College).

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Chemistry Lab Manual

for Ambitions students.

Chem Lab Manual Unsolved Download 

Chem Lab Manual Solved Download



Worksheet 1 Download

Worksheet 2 Download

Worksheet 3 Download


Worksheet 1 Download

Worksheet 2 Download

Worksheet 3 Download

Worksheet 4 Download

Worksheet 5 Download


Chem P3 Example Candidate Response Download

Chem P3 Skills Download

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  1. Vandana David
    Vandana David at | | Reply

    Very nice….please help for A level chemistry practical experiments and procedure (9701 )

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