CAIE Chemistry 9701 As Level P3 (Lab) Worksheets by Muhammad Hasnain

CAIE Chemistry 9701 As Level P3 Lab Manual and worksheets by Muhammad Hasnain (Cedar College).

Chemistry Lab Manual

for Ambitions students.

Chem Lab Manual Unsolved Download 

Chem Lab Manual Solved Download



Worksheet 1 Download

Worksheet 2 Download

Worksheet 3 Download


Worksheet 1 Download

Worksheet 2 Download

Worksheet 3 Download

Worksheet 4 Download

Worksheet 5 Download


Chem P3 Example Candidate Response Download

Chem P3 Skills Download

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  1. Vandana David
    Vandana David at | | Reply

    Very nice….please help for A level chemistry practical experiments and procedure (9701 )

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