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  1. M S S
    M S S at | | Reply

    i cannot download

  2. Sheila
    Sheila at | | Reply

    hi,please i have added you guys up on google+ but the links have not been unlocked

  3. imran
    imran at | | Reply

    there is no link is here

  4. Juli
    Juli at | | Reply

    I can’t download the book since there is no links.

  5. Ghazia Abbas
    Ghazia Abbas at | | Reply

    Thank you so much! This really helped me!

  6. suchita
    suchita at | | Reply

    there is no downloading link
    plz sir send the link

  7. Faraz
    Faraz at | | Reply

    its not downloading. help pls.

  8. shabab hassan
    shabab hassan at | | Reply


  9. Deeksha
    Deeksha at | | Reply

    Plz give me downloading link.

  10. Mohd Talha
    Mohd Talha at | | Reply

    Sir, there is no download link, please sir give me download link

  11. Md Mursalin
    Md Mursalin at | | Reply

    This book is my very usefull

  12. ajay
    ajay at | | Reply

    The language is quite simple used in this book

  13. Sreejeeb Ganguly
    Sreejeeb Ganguly at | | Reply

    Thanks a lot …. If possible please give the download link of ‘Advanced Organic Chemistry’ by Benard Miller and Organic Spectroscopy by William Kemp…. Thank You

  14. Dale Brandt
    Dale Brandt at | | Reply

    The Twitter link takes me back to the same web page, where I must click on Facebook, Twitter, or g+ look know to unlock. None work.

    1. iresha perera
      iresha perera at | | Reply

      I could download..but finally it is said that the file may be damaged.I can not open it.

  15. Dale Brandt
    Dale Brandt at | | Reply

    Hi: I have tried downloading this book, but am unable to unlock the Facebook, Twitter, or g+ download links. When I click on any of them, their icon folds down but nothing else happens. The link remains locked.

    I had this same problem with The Chemistry of Explosives, but was promptly sent an alternate download link via email … Thank you !

  16. iresha perera
    iresha perera at | | Reply

    🙂 thank you very much..Finally downloaded.

  17. Dale Brandt
    Dale Brandt at | | Reply

    I click on the g+ link. It folds down, but the download link stays locked. I am unable to download the file.

  18. Poonam
    Poonam at | | Reply

    Thank you for providing link.

  19. Poonam
    Poonam at | | Reply

    No dawnload link is here .plz provide it.

  20. Ali Umar
    Ali Umar at | | Reply

    no link available. kindly provide

  21. pooja
    pooja at | | Reply

    I m unable to download introduction of spectroscopy book

  22. Polo Sandoval (@poloSANGAR)
    Polo Sandoval (@poloSANGAR) at | | Reply

    No link!!!!
    Where’s the link?

  23. Alyssa
    Alyssa at | | Reply

    I have liked the link but it still says locked, not sure how it is meant to unlock

  24. bharti,
    bharti, at | | Reply

    I can’t dwnld.plzzz help

  25. Ioan
    Ioan at | | Reply

    All options are blocked, therefore I am unable to view the download link anyway.

  26. Haris Saleem
    Haris Saleem at | | Reply

    Thankyou for the Book 🙂

  27. vishal
    vishal at | | Reply

    good site ,but can’t get download link ,please provide it

  28. arti vishwkarma
    arti vishwkarma at | | Reply

    Pavia book and other books also not download,download link locked show here .so plz help me for continues study .thanks

  29. smaranika bardhan
    smaranika bardhan at | | Reply

    Sir I can’t download this book…plz give the download link

  30. sooo
    sooo at | | Reply

    i can’t download this book. please help me 🙂

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