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  1. Qurat-ul-ain
    Qurat-ul-ain at | | Reply

    Link is not getting open please help me

  2. shiva
    shiva at | | Reply

    not getting the pdf even after clicking on download link

  3. shija challo
    shija challo at | | Reply

    links are locked

  4. JH
    JH at | | Reply

    I need clear pdf file, but it’s scan file, too low resolution.

  5. Ayushi Gupta
    Ayushi Gupta at | | Reply

    G+ link is not working

  6. bexy
    bexy at | | Reply

    where is the download link

  7. omarnsour
    omarnsour at | | Reply

    thank u

  8. Dale
    Dale at | | Reply

    I do not use Twitter or Facebook. Your g+ link is not working.
    There is a strike-out through the link icon.

  9. charlie
    charlie at | | Reply

    hi, neither link is working for me

  10. Peter C
    Peter C at | | Reply

    Thanks for the download.
    The file was good.

    P.S. I used the chrome browser, and the option to download was visible on my browser. Internet explorer browser may not work.

  11. Albert
    Albert at | | Reply

    Please update the link. It does not show up.

  12. segler7
    segler7 at | | Reply

    Hello dear friends ,please let us download the ebook!

  13. segler7
    segler7 at | | Reply

    Thanks a lot!

  14. sujatha
    sujatha at | | Reply

    Download links are locked. What to do?

    MEMPANE at | | Reply

    I know it sounds greedy but are there any better quality source? because its resolution isn’t good for me to read comfortably..

  16. sai
    sai at | | Reply

    Can u pls send the link to my mail to download this book I need this book very urgent

  17. ahmed
    ahmed at | | Reply

    hello hello

  18. reza
    reza at | | Reply

    send the link for my mail plz

  19. Doruntina
    Doruntina at | | Reply

    Could you update the download link, please?

  20. Ravinder
    Ravinder at | | Reply

    Its shows that the downloading link is locked …so how can i download ??

  21. Janhavi Siddhaye
    Janhavi Siddhaye at | | Reply

    Link is loked.. please unlock it

  22. Mohammad Tahamil
    Mohammad Tahamil at | | Reply

    Assalamo alaikum. sir after follow your procedure the download link still locked. please unlock the link.

  23. amruta
    amruta at | | Reply

    Hello, I am not able to download the link, its showing : The Download Link is Locked!
    Kindly help

  24. ahmarrja
    ahmarrja at | | Reply

    no link

  25. Neha fawad
    Neha fawad at | | Reply

    Its too helpful

    1. ahmarrja
      ahmarrja at | | Reply

      how you did???

  26. ajit
    ajit at | | Reply

    Provide download link

  27. alfatih
    alfatih at | | Reply

    can’t download

  28. ali
    ali at | | Reply


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