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  1. Isaiah Ramaite
    Isaiah Ramaite at | | Reply

    I am using this book for my chemistry honours course. I would like to have power point slides on this book. How can I get them ?

  2. Ikhwan Darmawan
    Ikhwan Darmawan at | | Reply

    so difficult to download this…. where are you admin??? can u give me solution

  3. shikha
    shikha at | | Reply

    Plss help me to download dis buk

  4. raji
    raji at | | Reply

    can’ download

  5. komal hayat
    komal hayat at | | Reply

    cant download, dnt knw wts d problm…..

  6. mehdi
    mehdi at | | Reply

    thanks buddy
    you solved our problem

  7. mmse
    mmse at | | Reply

    I cannot download it
    There is something wrong. Could you help me?

  8. Syeda Kaneez Fatima
    Syeda Kaneez Fatima at | | Reply

    thankx alot…this book is very helpful .

    1. komal hayat
      komal hayat at | | Reply

      how did u downld it, i mn i cant…..

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