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  1. Bo
    Bo at | | Reply

    forget everything I’ve said. If you have issues getting a download link, try using internet explorer instead!!!!! It totally works!! I used opera and google chrome and it didn’t work, but totally works on IE

  2. Bo
    Bo at | | Reply

    The instructions are very clear. The problem is that after liking on facebook, or posting on google plus, nothing changes and the download link remains locked. I think there’s an issue with the website or the link is no longer valid. It’s definitely not an issue on my end because I’m liking and sharing as I am supposed to.

    Just wanted to let you know as I’m sure more people will have issues accessing the link in the future.

  3. Bo
    Bo at | | Reply

    Download links don’t pop up after liking or sharing on google plus, even after refreshing. Could you email it to me please?

  4. shahbaz bukhari
    shahbaz bukhari at | | Reply

    please email me, M Younas organic chemistry book plzzzzz

  5. kunal
    kunal at | | Reply

    send the link

  6. Carmen
    Carmen at | | Reply

    Please send me a link.

  7. Junior Mokoteli
    Junior Mokoteli at | | Reply

    theres no link for downloads

  8. Wemmy
    Wemmy at | | Reply

    Pls urgent, download not going through.. I’ve followed all instructions. Pls help

  9. Wemmy
    Wemmy at | | Reply

    I’ve followed all your steps plus downloading another app but the link is still not going through
    Pls I need it desperately

    EMMANUEL at | | Reply

    please unlock for me

  11. skisma
    skisma at | | Reply


  12. Vidit gupta
    Vidit gupta at | | Reply

    Pls unlock the link. I need it desperately

  13. bedanta sarma
    bedanta sarma at | | Reply

    its nice

  14. mahir shazeli
    mahir shazeli at | | Reply

    its nice

  15. Tahir
    Tahir at | | Reply

    some viral exe file is opening

  16. aboooo
    aboooo at | | Reply

    unlock pls

  17. Rizwan ali
    Rizwan ali at | | Reply

    Unable to unlock

  18. Annujee
    Annujee at | | Reply

    Pls unlock the link I need it desperately

  19. Ugwuanyi
    Ugwuanyi at | | Reply

    Nice work

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