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  1. Ihtesham
    Ihtesham at | | Reply

    Dude i need biological science DJ TAYLOR. Book,,plz guide me

  2. Sharmake ahmed
    Sharmake ahmed at | | Reply

    I can’t found downloaded button so please nd please email me the book.

  3. jia
    jia at | | Reply

    Wea is da download button

  4. yaumil agus akhir
    yaumil agus akhir at | | Reply

    saya tidak bisa mendownload buku ini, tolong berikan cara mendownloadnya terimakasih

  5. Marius
    Marius at | | Reply

    Do you have the third edition?

  6. Zain Ali
    Zain Ali at | | Reply

    I cant download hasnain.

  7. farrukh
    farrukh at | | Reply

    wonderful resource for igcse

  8. salaamaschools
    salaamaschools at | | Reply

    plz i can’t download this book plz help me to download

  9. Sadia bushra
    Sadia bushra at | | Reply

    How to downdloaf it icant find download button

  10. kenich king
    kenich king at | | Reply

    Pls the download link is blocked,can u send it to this email kennystins@rocketmail.com.thanks

  11. kenich king
    kenich king at | | Reply

    Pls can’t find d download link,can u send to my email pls

  12. Ryuu3003
    Ryuu3003 at | | Reply

    Where can I find the find the 1st Edition one? My school still using the first edition and I need to it. (I tried to find in every website but I couldn’t find one. Please help me)

  13. Haseena
    Haseena at | | Reply

    Please can anyone give me the link where i can download the Physics IGCSE workbook answers.

  14. hamse rashiid
    hamse rashiid at | | Reply

    these books helps the secandry schools

  15. Muhammad Ahmad
    Muhammad Ahmad at | | Reply

    my friend, do you know where can i find complete chemistry for Cambridge secondary 1.book and workbook (free)

  16. Hamza Kahemela
    Hamza Kahemela at | | Reply

    Much love to you!!!

  17. alpha charlie
    alpha charlie at | | Reply

    Do you have a GRe chemistry book?

  18. faizanmuhammad310
    faizanmuhammad310 at | | Reply

    hey i want IGCSE maths book by (chris pearce) plz help me i am an online teacher that’s why i really want this book

    1. Skywalker
      Skywalker at | | Reply

      Got haese international mathematics extended.

  19. cxakiin
    cxakiin at | | Reply

    please help me it doesn’t take me download bottom
    send me kindly if you obliged with my email

  20. Ijlal Sahil
    Ijlal Sahil at | | Reply

    Will someone tell me , to the iPad how I can download this book????

  21. Pranav Jayanthi
    Pranav Jayanthi at | | Reply

    Thanks! I am acually looking for Biology IGCSE Textbook! So I would be very happy if you can provide it to me!!

  22. Darren
    Darren at | | Reply

    Hi, can advise how do like your in Facebook?
    Cos when i click, it will just direct to my Facebook?

  23. ehsan
    ehsan at | | Reply

    I am not be able to download this …
    As when i click download button it directs to a FB n then not b downloaded.
    Plz help .

    BEINE PATRICK at | | Reply

    Kindly email this book because the download button is not available.

  25. naeem
    naeem at | | Reply

    no download button is here kindly email me this book to my email

    1. Rushit PaTel
      Rushit PaTel at | | Reply

      dude u have the column of liking just like it on facebook nd when u have liked it ull get download option

  26. Elsayed Helmy
    Elsayed Helmy at | | Reply

    I will be very happy if you send this book to my mail because i can not find download link thank you very much

  27. Abdurahman CmC
    Abdurahman CmC at | | Reply

    so nice and easy

  28. Umair
    Umair at | | Reply

    Any physics book

    1. Awais Faisal
      Awais Faisal at | | Reply

      Hey friend, I also want to know that where can I find physics book. Have you find it and where. Please help, My friend

  29. Andy
    Andy at | | Reply

    Thank you so much! I really needed this. The download and everything is perfect. Thank you again!!

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