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  1. Adeel
    Adeel at | | Reply

    please send me the book if you have

  2. jalal khan

    Can I sent you complete book in pdf version. Sana Amir

  3. sana amir
    sana amir at | | Reply

    what do i do followed the instruction and clicked at google sgin but i cant see the download link

  4. Heaymalaah Kunalan
    Heaymalaah Kunalan at | | Reply

    Hello there. I can’t find the link to download. Can you please do something about it ?

  5. Fabian Fenech

    Do you have the cd too please ??

  6. Fabian Fenech

    thanks for the upload!! Do you have the cd too ?

  7. Fabian Fenech
    Fabian Fenech at | | Reply

    Thanks for the upload, if you had the cd too that would be great.

  8. Fabian Fenech
    Fabian Fenech at | | Reply

    Hello thanks a lot !!! do you have a link for the cd ??

  9. Peter Tagoe
    Peter Tagoe at | | Reply

    i need a copy

  10. David Mendez
    David Mendez at | | Reply

    Download link not working, could you please unlock?

  11. Aliniswe
    Aliniswe at | | Reply

    Hey hello it Ali how can i download your book

  12. Dofis
    Dofis at | | Reply

    Unlock the download links please

  13. Maneenah
    Maneenah at | | Reply

    Hey…As-salamu ‘alaykum… The links are locked…Please could you guys open them

  14. muhammad numan
    muhammad numan at | | Reply

    plzz how can i download this book in pdf

  15. MissChem

    Hi can you please send me the docs on [email protected] as the links don’t work even after the instructions are followed. Plzzz hope this is ok Thank you lots lots xx

  16. Uka
    Uka at | | Reply

    It is really helpful

  17. Huma
    Huma at | | Reply

    I followed the links and there loadings also got complete but the pdf is not opening on either google chrome or safari.Please could u help me?

  18. Huma
    Huma at | | Reply

    It is not downloading!!!!

  19. tinashe
    tinashe at | | Reply

    am being asked to download 4 links here..so which one’s the most efficient..?

  20. sriram nair
    sriram nair at | | Reply

    a lot of pages are working, eg page 65

  21. John
    John at | | Reply

    I cant download….. How do I download?

  22. Muhammad Junaid Jaan

    not a good deal

  23. clive
    clive at | | Reply

    Download link is not opening, please do me a favour so that I can have the chance to download the book.

  24. ammar
    ammar at | | Reply

    download link is locked

  25. Tariro
    Tariro at | | Reply

    I’m out of words over this. Thank u thank u a million times for this book. May God bless u forevermore, this is simply amazing.

  26. Besil Tembi

    Please could I have access on this book for the betterment of my future and the world.

  27. Nisarg
    Nisarg at | | Reply

    could i use this book to give an A-level exam in the 2018

  28. nadeem
    nadeem at | | Reply

    Link is not opening up please send me download link at [email protected]

  29. Laura
    Laura at | | Reply

    This book downloaded from all the provided links are not complete..having prob opening it in pdf.. could you pls help?

  30. salman Hyder
    salman Hyder at | | Reply

    It is really helpful.

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