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  1. Gowhar Naikoo
    Gowhar Naikoo at | | Reply

    Thanks so much for helping me to bring the big picture of physical chemistry in-front of my students. It would be my great pleasure if i can get the ppt slides of all chapters including solved examples like other publication houses.
    I am instructor of Physical Chemistry In Dhofar University and want to adopt this book to my students as well.

    Please reply me on gowhar@du.edu.om and would be waiting restlessly for the reply.
    Thank you.

    Kind regards,

  2. Lionel Flamerz Togarepi
    Lionel Flamerz Togarepi at | | Reply

    amazing work .so much thanks from Zimbabwe

  3. agre
    agre at | | Reply

    Thank you very much for your post. This book will be very helpfull for my study

  4. effinfon
    effinfon at | | Reply

    thank you for the book. student of the internet

  5. Hamza99khokhar
    Hamza99khokhar at | | Reply

    Kindly update link

  6. Md Mursalin
    Md Mursalin at | | Reply

    This site is very good

  7. hrithik
    hrithik at | | Reply

    not able to download

    1. hrithik
      hrithik at | | Reply

      ty got it
      helps a lot

  8. nda
    nda at | | Reply

    where is download button ? please provide ….

  9. numan
    numan at | | Reply

    Can’t download it….

  10. Usman
    Usman at | | Reply

    sir plz update th link of all editions these r not working or may blocked………..

  11. usman
    usman at | | Reply

    Please help not downloading

  12. abdullah khan
    abdullah khan at | | Reply

    I can’t download it please send me on my email khanabna764@gmail.com

  13. san thomas
    san thomas at | | Reply

    Where is the download icon? I can’t find this. Please help me to find. My email address is santhomas87@gmail.com

  14. benzen
    benzen at | | Reply

    I can’t dowload it. Can you send me to ichocmt@gmail.com. Thanks. I’m looking forward for your notification

  15. Joel Chikirle
    Joel Chikirle at | | Reply

    …you have make chemistry as the only definition to life, ” what on earth is not chemistry “? I can no other word’s but thanks.

  16. Phan Ly
    Phan Ly at | | Reply

    All I would like to do is thank you very very much. All the best !

  17. Chinmay
    Chinmay at | | Reply

    Where is the download button?? It’ll be helpful downloading it. But can’t find any download button. You say it’s there from your side but where?? I can’t find. Please provide

  18. Aaasif Bhat
    Aaasif Bhat at | | Reply

    Great work,lot helpful for us ..indians..God bless u

  19. sarkodea
    sarkodea at | | Reply

    i cant find the download icon

  20. saadat
    saadat at | | Reply

    This book seems good, i want to read .But cannot download using the option given for downloading. can anybody help me to get this book/.
    Thanks in advance

  21. M.Bilal
    M.Bilal at | | Reply

    Despite of pressing the like button Links are not showing.

  22. as
    as at | | Reply

    Where is download icon……??finding difficulty to download smuel glaastone

  23. Sifa
    Sifa at | | Reply

    Very helpful and educational site for students learning needs. Thank you heaps.

  24. David Kubai
    David Kubai at | | Reply

    Best book for thermodynamics unit at my university.

  25. kausam
    kausam at | | Reply

    thanks a lot

  26. Bibek
    Bibek at | | Reply

    Its very helpfull for students …great job… I need more physical books…

  27. Abbas Mohammed
    Abbas Mohammed at | | Reply

    million thanks for your great help

  28. harivikas
    harivikas at | | Reply

    thank u great help to learn physical chemistry for me

  29. PathumDilshan
    PathumDilshan at | | Reply

    Thank you very much for the help

  30. 97shivank
    97shivank at | | Reply

    thanks so much for helping us students of india also

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